May 5 Update

Hello BUFC Families! I apologize in advance for the long notice, there is a lot to cover as we work to prepare for the start of our season. Some of this information you have seen in prior emails, we want to be sure everyone is up to speed. 


I hope everyone remains happy and healthy. As our weather begins to turn, our thoughts also turn towards being outside and on the pitch! We are sure many of you can relate. 


Now, First and foremost, we have a call to action! 

  • PLEASE reach out to your coach to confirm your intent to return for the season

  • If you have not already, take a few minutes to hop online and register your player

In order for the club to determine our field assignments, equipment needs, coaches, etc. we rely on our registrations to guide our planning. We want to be 100% ready to launch as soon as we can so we need your help! 


Registration Information: 

  • Returning players will be assigned to their teams from the prior season. The $25 registration fee will be waived for these players. Please reach out to our registrar, Amy Ulrich, for waiver information. 

  • New players to BUFC will practice with their age group upon season kickoff and at the end of the first month of training will be assigned to a team representative of their skill level. We want to be sure that EVERY PLAYER HAS A HOME WITH BUFC! 

  • Registration for the 2020/2021 season is $1,200. Payment Plans are available upon registering. 

Tryout Format: 

  • All BUFC players will participate in 1 month of training which will take the place of standard tryout formats. This will remove the two-day tryout stress and give both returning and new players an opportunity to be themselves, have fun and experience a more relaxed atmosphere of observation and interaction with their coaches. Again, EVERY PLAYER will have a team at BUFC! 

  • Training schedules, field assignments, etc. will be communicated once we are able to identify our timeline following the movement through the 'Phases' discussed by Gov. Inslee last Friday. We are getting closer every day! 

  • Current Estimates indicate the potential for a mid-late June start for the season and the club is working hard to make sure we are ready to roll. 


  • Uncertainty brings anxiety, this is a fact of life. 

  • Many of you may be getting pressure from other clubs to quickly make a decision before losing your player's spot on a team. 

  • If you are considering other clubs, or want to discuss the status of your player's spot at BUFC, give us a call! Again, we have a home for your player and will be transparent and open so you can make a truly informed decision. 

  • This is not the time for fear to drive the decision process but rather clear communication and complete information 

Coaches Communication: 

  • Families will soon (if not already) be hearing from your coaches with invites for our soccer players to catch up with their coaches. 

  • These coaches miss all those smiling faces and as we get closer to the start of the season, they want to see everyone! 

  • Please be on the lookout for these invites, which will take the format of either ZOOM or MSFT TEAMS calls. 

  • The invites are based on registrations (to be sure we include all new players) so again, please be sure to get your player signed up so they don't miss out! 

Newport FC/BUFC Merger News: 

  • Integration of the two clubs continues with alignment of board member duties, coaching philosophy, scheduling, etc. 

  • We want to reiterate for those who may have missed the last communication that it is BUFC's firm intent to maintain the team structures as it relates to roster placement, neighborhood identification, and practice times and locations. 

  • We understand there are established carpools, schedules, logistics, team identities and familiarity with coaches. The purpose of this merger is to strengthen our club and provide a stronger infrastructure to help us manage the growth and development of our players and teams. 

  • Newport FC/BUFC will run parallel for the 2020/2021 season to minimize disruption. In the event we have an opportunity to secure teams for ALL PLAYERS by combining rosters between the two clubs where we may have lower numbers, you will see the benefit of the merger in action. :)  

New Leadership Announcements: 

  • Doug Weber is taking on the VP Select role for our Select Teams across both clubs this year to provide much needed bandwidth. Any questions around our Select program can be directed to him @

  • Kim Gillespie, our Director of Marketing is leading our website overhaul and social media engagements. Kim has been working hard on the new site so take a look!

Returning Leadership: 


All-Hands Informational Call:

  • Thursday, May 7 at 6:00pm

  • Current Season Start Estimate

  • Registration fees, payment plan, COVID-19 refund policy, etc.

  • Coaches commitments (ongoing training, team outreach, etc.)

  • Uniform Updates


Thanks to all of you for your support and involvement with BUFC. We can't wait to see you all soon. 


Best Regards, 





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