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Adults and Kids 13+ can referee and get paid. Great first job for youths; great way for adults to support their child's team.

Being a referee is one of the best things that soccer players and parents can do. You can help out your club, improve your knowledge of the game, and earn some spare change too. More youth and adult referees are needed, especially adult referees. Games are self-assigned based on your ability and availability.

The Eastside Youth Soccer Association (EYSA) of which Bellevue United FC is a member is also in need of referees. Each BUFC Select Team is required to add a Ref-In-Pool to the referee system. It's usually a parent who becomes the Ref-In-Pool for their child's team, but it can be any adult who is associated with the team.

Commitment is as little or much as you want on weekends.

Find out more about becoming a referee email our Bellevue United FC Referee Coordinator.

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